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GAMINGtruth is growing bigger every day and that is great for us and all of our fans. However, this also means that our work load is growing every day as well. So those of you with aspirations of being a journalist in the fun and hectic world of the video games industry, this may be your chance to benefit from being a writer for GAMINGtruth.com!

It’s Not Always Fun and Games Think you have what it takes to be a writer for the GAMINGtruth crew? We won’t lie, but we will repeat: it isn’t all fun and games. Being a writer for a gaming enthusiast website means a lot of fun, but also work. There is gaming news to report, deadlines to uphold, and embargo dates to honor. It takes dedication, time, and often, willpower to sit and write for a gaming website. Not everyone has what it takes to be a game journalist, but if you’re not scared of the challenge, continue reading.

What We Are Looking For

We need those who are up-to-date on the games industry and are avid gamers themselves. We are looking for the select elite who live and breathe videogames and the videogame industry, command a solid grasp of the English language, have some basic computer and social media skills, and of course, take pride in what they do. To be a writer for us you must be at least 18 years old. We expect quality writing and commitment to being a reliable editor for the site. At GAMINGtruth, we pride ourselves in our work. We are looking for people who don’t just re-post something that was already written. We are reaching out to those who love gaming as much as we do and wish to provide the best and most accurate news, previews, and reviews for our many readers.

Some experience would be recommended, but if you’re a decent writer that fills the requirements there shouldn’t be a problem bringing you aboard.


GAMINGtruth is a volunteer website, which means we won’t pay you for the work. You will, however, be paid in something that could be more important: experience working in and around the games industry. GAMINGtruth works with many of the top publishers and developers to get access to behind-the-scenes gaming previews and events. We also go to and cover major events such as E3, PAX and more. If you meet requirements and show a level of commitment to the site, you may find yourself going to some of these events and meet some of the top game developers in the business. Plus you would get your chance to get your name out in the open to job seekers looking for talented and hard working people.

Open Positions

A person who writes news articles or editorials about games or the games industry. Can either be a weekday or weekend editor (or both if you prefer). Typically we would ask for 1-3 posts a day from this position, depending on the amount of news available.

The contributor has the same job as an editor, only a tad smaller. Like the editor, this can be either a weekday or weekend position. However, a contributor only needs to post once per day and there are some limitations to the position. A contributor doesn’t have access to review game copies nor is able to attend gaming events. But this position does offer a chance for growth and a promotion to editor if wanted.

Community Manager:
The person in charge of making first contact with companies and keeping in touch with those we already work with. The community manager will also be in charge of updating the community with news ind information via social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Raptr, Digg, Google+ and more. Some experience or education in public relations is required.

Preferred Experience:

  • Sports Games – If you know sports games
  • Social Games – If you have experience with social or family games
  • PC Games – If you game on the computer and have knowledge of MMOs and Steam
  • Editorial Writer – If you like writing game industry-related editorial pieces
    NOTE: Preferred experience is not a requirement to apply for a position. If you have any of the aforementioned knowledge please mention it in the email that it is the position you are applying for, thank you.


    Be patient, we will reply to every application sent.

    So You Want to Speak the Truth?

    If you have read to this point I can assume that you are still interested in joining us. Great! Here is what you will need to provide to apply. Send this information:

  • Your name (first and last)
  • Your age (18 at minimum)
  • Position you’re applying for (please include preferred experience if available)
  • Where you live (country or state, city)
  • Some sample writing. This can be anything from a short review of a game, a news article or editorial.
  • A short description about yourself so we get to know you (gaming preferences, history, hobbies, etc.)
    To jobs[at]gamingtruth.com with your name and “Writing for Gt” as the subject. We will also answer any questions you may have and address any comments.

    The Truth:

    We need new writers to help us spread the truth but we can provide even more. Those who prove to be dedicated writers will soon begin to enjoy the benefits of writing for GAMINGtruth such as receiving review copies of games or hardware, accessing our resources, and participating in gaming events such as E3, PAX, CES and single events in-between. You will be able to rub elbows with popular developers, game industry professionals, celebrities, and other game journalists. You will be able to participate in developer interviews and go behind-the-scenes to view or even play games that have yet to be released. It isn’t all fun and games, but sometimes it really can be. And you can be a part of that.

    D’Juan Irvin
    Founder, GAMINGtruth.com

    Cameron Woolsey
    Editor-in-Chief, GAMINGtruth.com

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