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Weekly Round-Up: Mass Effect Anime, MGS Clothing

April 9th, 2011 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

A sweet Metal Gear Solid clothing line can't be outdone, but the animated Mass Effect movie certainly comes in a close second as the coolest gaming news of the week

Weekly Round-Up: 3DS, Catherine and Bungie MMO

March 4th, 2011 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

The 3DS just gets better and better. Also, Pokemon manage to find their way out of Pokeballs and into New York, and Catherine is making its way to the States. It's probably better I try not to describe the new ATLUS game

Truth Pick of the Month

January 31st, 2011 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

It's the Truth Pick of the Month Time. See what games stood out above the rest this month....Sorry no DLC this month :(

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