Published on November 7th, 2017 | by Chris Ramirez, Editor

WaterField Introduces The Arcade Gaming Case

Having a Nintendo Switch since launch has given me enough time to figure out my preference of play. With two small children, I often play in the handheld mode. The only time I have played in dock mode, using a pro controller was for playing through the campaign of Mario Odysseys. Any grinding done in the game I will do in handheld mode. With the upcoming games slated for the switch, I can honestly say that I will probably spend 60% on my Switch playing time in handheld mode, and the other 40% of the time in dock mode.

Having majority of my play done in handheld mode in addition to traveling with my Switch, I have found myself traveling lite with my current bag. I currently have the WaterField Design Nintendo Switch Pouch. The Pouch is perfect for the Switch, headphones, and a few games. However, I found myself deciding to not take my pro controller or dock for lack of space. The Pouch is perfect for storage at home when the system is not in use or for quick one day trips. WaterField design also has a slightly bigger bag available, The CitySlicker, but I already knew the additional storage for games and Joy-cons was something I didn’t need when I purchased the Nintendo Switch for traveling purposes.

WaterField Designs has recently announced the new Arcade Gaming Case that will allow us Nintendo Switch travelers to carry more accessories with us for those longer trips. The Arcade Gaming Case can handle the Nintendo Switch with games, AC adapter, JoyConGrip or Pro Controller, and the Hori PlayStand. This is all the needed accessories for both single player and multiplayer gaming well on the road or for family holiday functions. Check out the video below to get an intimate look at the Arcade Gaming Case and its functions.

I personally enjoy the fact that I will be able to have my Switch, AC adapter, and Pro Controller all in one bag. Knowing WaterField’s design and quality of materials, I know The Arcade Gaming Case will withstand everything I can throw at it well looking new all the time. The Arcade Gaming Case will definitely be on my Christmas list this year. Click here to visit WaterField Designs site.

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