Published on February 16th, 2016 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Frontier Launches Elite Dangerous: Arena

Elite Dangerous, the space & flight sim from Frontier Developments, now has a smaller, more focused sibling in Elite Dangerous: Arena.

Arena re-introduces players to the PvP mode formerly known as CQC Championship to both longtime players as well as the masses in a much smaller priced package, as Arena is priced at a tiny $7.49 or £4.99, depending on your region. Rest assured that the same things players have come to know and love about CQC remain, as players are still locked to the Federal and Imperial Fighters as well as the Sidewinder and the Eagle:

  • Four combat-focused ships that can be customized and upgraded with new loadouts as you rank up.
  • Four Arenas: Elevate, Cluster Compound, Asteria Point & Ice Field.
  • Eight-player Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch & Capture the Flag Game Modes.

Current players of the original game, Elite Dangerous, may want to note that you already have access to Arena! This release is the same CQC you know and love, just re-branded and separated from the game as a standalone title. In fact, you can play with the new players as they hop on board. Just slide into the Arena game mode from the launcher and you’re good to go!

As someone that’s played a good amount of CQC, this can be nothing but a good thing. It’s a balanced game mode that’s a blast to play and gives people of all skill levels an even ground to hone their pilot skills outside of Elite Dangerous proper. For $7.50, Elite Dangerous: Arena is a complete no-brainer if you enjoy PvP-based flight sims or space games. It has VR support, is a blast, and with it being its own game now, the heat will be on Frontier to add more features to it like proper leaderboards and skill-based matchmaking. There’s also the added value that if you want to upgrade to Elite Dangerous or Elite Dangerous: Deluxe Edition, the price of Arena will be subtracted from the purchase price if you’re buying from the Frontier Store.

Let the Celebration Commence

To celebrate the launch of the new game, Frontier Developments has kicked off Elite Dangerous: Mayhem, which is a month-long event involving the Elite Dangerous streaming community (you may see a familiar name there soon!) starting February 16 and continuing to March 15, 2016.

If you’re interested in Elite Dangerous, you can check out any of the Elite Dangerous products via the Frontier Store or Elite Dangerous: Arena on Steam.

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