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HIDEit PlayStation 4 and Universal Controller Wall Mount Review

Video game console have evolved in function and aesthetics since the 1980s and 90s. Consoles have became a part of our home entertainment units often fighting to be the center of attention. Consoles are now “all-in-one” devices, but despite their multiple functions, we still have multiple devices hooked up to our televisions.

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With most of our televisions mounted to the wall, the HIDEit mounts come into play to help clear up some of the space in our entertainment unit or allows you to put a video game console in places you could not before.

We received the PlayStation 4 wall mount ($34.99) and the Universal Controller mount ($8.99) for this review. Mounts are made from 16-gauge steel that is cold rolled to help strengthen the material. The mounts are then powdered coated to prevent damage to your consoles.

Upon receiving the mounts in, I was surprised on how lite the mounts are. Despite them being lite, they are surprisingly strong and they do not bend when applying substantial pressure. The PlayStation 4 mount is surprisingly simple. To secure the device to the mount, the mount has curved edge similar to those found on vertical plastic mounts where the systems middle trench slides into. The metal is holes on the side walls to prevent the vents and AC adapter to be blocked.

The controller mount has a small protruding arm that is attached to a small half clyendar metal. The arm does flex when pressure is applied but the pressure needed to make the arm flex is far greater than the weight of any controller. Putting a controller on and off the mount will not cause any issues.

controller and mount


The mounts are designed to allow you to hide your devices behind your television. Of course, this depends on the type of mount you have your television on. A full range movement mount will give you plenty of space to behind your television but it may limit the movement of the television. If you have a close to the wall mount, then you will be out of luck trying to put your devices behind the television.

Being unable to put your device behind your television is not a bad thing. I have a slim television wall mount in my game room and I mounted my PlayStation 4 to the left of my television. The PlayStation 4’s streamline designed and soft light is a perfect complement to my room’s design. Anybody who purchases an limited edition console will love these mounts to securely showcase their console.

The controller mount holds the controller comfortably. Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers fit better than PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 controllers. The mount is mostly covered by the controller is on it. The mount is a perfect compliment to the console brackets.


4B_PS4_Back_Left_1024x1024Both brackets require two anchors and screws, in which they are included. Installation was easy and instructions were provided detailing predrilled hole sizes. Ease of installation does depend on your personal set up. If your plug is not behind your television, then you need to consider the placement of the bracket. The placement of my television was perfectly placed for the AC cord for my PlayStation 4 to go right above the television bracket and down my cord cover to my surge protector. The AC cord is the only possible complication you may occur during installation.

Click here for the PlayStation 4 mount link to the HIDEit website

Click here for the Universal Controller link to the HIDEit website

The HIDEit website offer a number of mounts for a number of devices that are often found in our household

HIDEit PlayStation 4 and Universal Controller Wall Mount Review Chris Ramirez, Editor

Summary: Fighting for room on your entertainment unit or finding a way to showcase your console has always been a struggle and the HIDEit mounts is a great solution. Made with 16-gauge, the mounts are lite, thin, and strong. Placement of the mounts depends on the type of television mount used and placement of your outlet. These mounts are worth their perspective prices considering plastic vertical mounts or other gaming storage solutions are often $25+. If you have a limited edition console, these mounts are a most buy.


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