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Disney Interactive D23 Expo Panel Recap

In a galaxy far, far away in the city of Anaheim, the Disney Interactive panel shined with gaming surprises. This year’s gaming news has been a releasing steady throughout the year and the Disney Interactive panel during this year’s D23 Expo did not disappoint. In case you missed it, here is a rundown of all the key announcements.

Kingdom Hearts III
To hear from Square Enix is a surprise. The announcement of Tangled being part of the KHIII universe at this year’s E3 was a great surprise. To build even more hype around KHIII, Square Enix announced a world based on Big Hero 6. This is an exciting announcement because the world created in Big Hero 6 is a perfect fit for the Kingdom Hearts  universe and combat formula. Imagine flying on top of Baymax fighting the Heartless. Kingdom Hearts III cannot come out soon enough.

Disney Interactive Mobile
Disney Interactive Mobile revealed Disney Magic Kingdoms. With a partnership with Gameloft, Disney Magic Kingdoms will allow mobile users to build their own theme park. Hopefully the game will allow users to build their own theme park using actual attractions from all of the different parks and provide in depth gameplay seen on other theme park simulators.


Star Wars Battlefront
The biggest surprises of the panel were the Star Wars Battlefront announcements. Justin McCully, the General Manager of EA, took the stage to detail the free DLC The Battle of Jakku. The Battle of Jakku will bring Star Wars The Force Awakens into the Battlefront universe. The biggest surprise was the announcement of a limited edition Darth Vadar PS4. The Darth Vadar PS4 will be bundled with the Deluxe edition of Star Wars Battlefront or Disney Infinity 3.0. In addition to the games, the system will have Darth Vadar’s profile and the controller will match with a Star Wars branded touchpad.

A console bundle for Star Wars Battlefront is not surprising. The surprising part of the announcement is the bundle will include a voucher for four classic Star Wars games. Three of the games are PS2 classics and one SNES classic. This is the first time pervious PlayStation games are announced for current generation PS4 system. What does this mean for other classic games being released onto the PS4? Only time will tell.

Disney Infinity 3.0
Disney Interactive did not want their momentum to slow down with Star Wars Battlefront. When it came to the announcements for Disney Infinity 3.0, Disney Interactive did not slow down. Peter Pan and special Star Wars characters were announced that allows the lightsabers to glow. A new Marvel Battlegrounds with an Ultron and Hulkbuster figures. To top things off the ultimate unlock for Disney Infinity 3.0 is Sora’s Keyblade.

For more information, visit D23’s website. Featured image from D23’s site.

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