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LEGO® Worlds Aims to Out-Build Minecraft

Minecraft is about to get some serious competition in the Sandbox genre from the original and reigning real-life sandbox behemoth: LEGO®. With LEGO® Worlds, that gamers can access on Steam right now via Early Access, gamers can travel as a LEGO model to procedurally-generated worlds in a galaxy made completely out of LEGO bricks. Check out this intro trailer!

Multiple things are impressive about this initiative.

Early Access

This is the first time that I can remember that a major, well-established property has used Early Access to keep development moving on their game. The LEGO Group has been around since 1932, which means that multiple generations of people know the joys of starting off life with LEGO bricks. That’s a ready-made install base, especially considering how the recent LEGO games have been selling and how awesome The LEGO Movie was. When you take in the fact that the LEGO games bring in tall money and that the bricks themselves have been around for 83 years, it’s very surprising to see this game not being handled in the traditional sense of just being funded by its publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

That says plenty about the current state of game development on such a mass scale.

That dragon could prove problematic... OR a ton of red bricks!

That dragon could prove problematic… or on the plus side, a ton of red & black bricks!

Lofty Goals

Beyond that, LEGO® Worlds looks to be very forward-thinking for a game in its infancy. It already has Procedurally-Generated Worlds, Terraforming & Building tools, Discoveries & Unlocks, Rideable Creatures & Vehicles, and a Day/Night cycle. In other words, it already has a ton of things that LEGO fans will love and appreciate. The awesomeness comes in what they’re planning to implement before it leaves Early Access:

  • Procedurally Generated Underground Cave Networks
  • Additional Biomes
  • Pre-Generated Towns/Villages/Settlements relevant to the current Biome
  • LEGO ID integration to allow for sharing in-game builds
  • Character Customization
  • and Online Multiplayer.

Considering there’s a TON more they want to add, Worlds is sounding more like Everquest Landmark than a LEGO game. That’s where Worlds has the capability to expand far beyond what many gamers may expect of it.

Who doesn't want to fly around the LEGO world?

Who doesn’t want to fly around a LEGO world?

Tie-Ins are all but Guaranteed

This is LEGO we’re talking about, here. They have sets for just about anything you could put your mind to. It would be a crying shame if they didn’t allow you to purchase custom kits based on your in-game builds. Not only would this boost their in-game players as LEGO fans could try out new builds online, but the ability to bring those creations to life at home is yet another way to continue the tradition of getting people to play with real-life LEGO bricks.

Drilling through LEGO mountains? Yes, please.

Drilling through LEGO mountains? Yes, please.

The possibilities are endless! LEGO® Worlds is $14.99 while in Early Access, which is scheduled to be through the rest of 2015.  TT Games is planning to evaluate the game for its final build in early 2016, and they’ve got an aggressive schedule to get done in the meantime.

I may have to get hands on this one soon! What do you think? Is LEGO® Worlds up your alley?

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