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Call of Duty: Black Ops III Edition KontrolFreek – Review

We kinda live in the time that some could call “Best Video Game Controllers to Ever be Held by Human Hands” but even with that being the case, there are still ways that they can be improved on. When you consider that different games require different things in a controller, it makes sense that attention would be paid to specific things.

On the First & Third-Person Shooter side of things, many players find that the thumbsticks don’t give them the accuracy they need. Enter KontrolFreek.

I’ve personally been using KontrolFreek Classics on both my PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers for over a year when I play either FPS games or anything that requires decent aim, and I’ve found it makes a pretty big difference. One of the things I’ve known about myself is that when it gets HEAVY in shooters, I tend to overcompensate my thumb movements which results in my shots being a bit (okay, way) off the mark. What feels initially like an easy set of shots falls way off the mark.

Classic KontrolFreek on the left, Black Ops III Reveal Edition KontrolFreek on the right.

Classic on the left, Black Ops III Reveal Edition on the right.

My first set of KontrolFreeks was the Classic. They extend the thumbsticks just enough for me to counter that overcompensation, which helps me plenty. The concave pads have patterned bumps across the top to add to the grip that help considerably, as they’re made of a very similar material to the default thumbsticks. This was weird initially on the Xbox One controller, as the grip around the edges is already fantastic, but the extension balances out that bit.

I recently got hands on the Call of Duty: Black Ops III Reveal Edition pads thanks to the team at KontrolFreek, and this set is a marked improvement over the Classics. For starters, the Black Ops III edition sports a slightly softer material. This new material feels like it should be a lovely upgrade to replace the standard KontrolFreek to me, because the material combined with the laser etching make for a better grip that I got used to very quickly.

Both the Classic & Black Ops III KontrolFreek mounted on a PS4 controller

Mounted on the PS4 controller.

Since I clipped them onto my controller, if I’m playing a First or Third-Person Shooter, these are my go-to. In fact, they rarely ever come off the controller since I play a good amount of shooters. I have an issue keeping a 1.0 K/D ratio for the most part because I prefer objective-based game modes, but when I’m in Team Deathmatch or anything similar, after getting used to these, I feel more comfortable with aiming.

I can’t say they will make you a better player in any game, but you’ll definitely be in a bit more control than you were before.

Final Truth

+ Adds quite a bit more control to your thumbsticks, especially when sniping/aiming.
+ The extended sticks feel great.
+ Added grip is glorious.
– Takes an afternoon or so to get used to the longer sticks, even after raising sensitivity.
– MSRP is up there when factored to the cost of the controller.

Long story short, the Call of Duty: Black Ops III Reveal Edition KontrolFreeks are a great choice if you’d like to try something that may give you a bit more control of your accuracy. They’ll take a bit of getting used to, as anything that changes your controller is bound to do, but in my experience, the adjustment time isn’t very long. If you’re like me and make ridiculously jerky thumb movements, you definitely want to give them a try.

I’m a fan. You might just become one, too. Thumbs way up on these.

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