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Published on May 14th, 2015 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Den of Kubrow Event starts today in Warframe

Digital Extremes’ Free-To-Play space ninja simulator, Warframe, is getting a bit of a celebration for the next week and change due to the ‘Den of Kubrow Bonus Weeks‘ Event covering all platforms starting today.

For you Tenno that have yet to get a formal introduction, Warframe is a third-person space ninja shooter, as well as my personal favorite Free-To-Play game currently on consoles. The Kubrow, the focus of this event, is a type of space dog that you can take with you into missions. Just like your weapons and Warframe itself, your Kubrow has the ability to accept mods as it levels up, changing how you play with the crazy critter as you level up.

Protip: If you played back when the PS4 launched, you have not played Warframe.

So What are they doing, DJ?

Well, they’re giving us lovely Tenno a ton of things to do and experiment with from May 14th through the 26th, that’s what they’re doing. Look at this list of craziness:

  • Free Kubrow Starter Kit – Every Tenno gets a Kubrow egg, incubator core, six DNA stabilizers, a stasis slot and Genetic Code Template. (5/14 – 5/26)
  • Double Credits in Missions – After you register your Warframe account, you can enter the Promo Code ‘DENOFKUBROW’ to get Double Credits on all missions — across all platforms. (5/14 – 5/18)
  • Den of Kubrow Tactical Alert – Alerts are special, time-sensitive in-game missions that net you sweet credits or gear. This one drops a Strun Wraith (shotgun), a ‘Bite’ Kubrow Mod, and a Stratos Emblem. (5/14 – 5/18)
  • Double Drops, Resources & Affinity Days – You get the chance at all the double goodness during missions to help boost your Warframe & gear. (5/21 – 5/24)
  • Free Atrox Gene-Masking Kit – Gene Masking Kits are visual upgrades for Kubrow, and every Tenno gets a free one in their inbox. (5/21 – 5/24)
  • Buy One, Get One Sale – Bogo on any consumable items you buy via the in-game shop. (5/21 – 5/26)

Check the official vid for details:

You can play Warframe on PlayStation Network & Xbox Live as well as register your Warframe account so you can Enter the Promo Code ‘DENOFKUBROW’ and get your Double Credits for missions in-game through May 18th.

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