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Castlevania Producer Kickstarts Bloodstained, Slays Funding Goal

If you’ve ever played Castlevania, you’ve likely put hands to the work of Koji Igarashi, the former producer of the Castlevania series. His work has been so widely renowned that the genre Igavania is based on his name.

So you know when he sets his mind to making a new game, the world takes notice. Luckily, its not something that you need to wonder about, because his recent Kickstarter for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has not only surpassed its goal, it did so within hours of starting the campaign.

Check the campaign video for yourself to see how big this is:

The best part about this campaign is that this is literally gamers voting with their wallets for a game genre that has been sorely lacking as of late. Beyond that, the game is technically already funded, Igarashi is really just wanting to prove to the project funders that gamers still want this type of game. Considering the campaign has reached, at the time of this writing, almost $1.6 Million dollars, I’d say that his bet was a solid one.

As always, there are plenty of goodies to be had depending on how much you’d like to support the project. The lowest tier to get a copy of the game is $28, which gets you access to a digital copy on either Steam (PC, Mac or Linux), PlayStation 4, or Xbox One. The next tier at $60 gets you a physical copy of the game with backer-only content and an exclusive slipcase. It goes all the way up to a $10,000 “Igaventure” package that nets you pretty much everything in the lower tiers as well as a dinner with Igarashi himself, in Japan, at a horror-themed restaurant and a chance to game with him on a Live Stream — though it doesn’t include travel & accommodations.

The next two stretch goals (which shouldn’t be much of a problem at this point), are at $1.75M to add a Speed Run mode and $2M for a Boss Rush mode.

Any way you slice it, Igavania games are obviously not going anywhere if this Kickstarter is proof of anything. The way I see it, this is another classic franchise proving to publishers that old-school game design still has a place among modern gamers.

We all benefit from that.

As of today, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is expected to release in March 2017.

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