Published on November 7th, 2013 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

Better Get Your Pre-Orders On Day One

GameStop today has begun call backs to existing customers that have pre-ordered the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 and Xbox One units. Per the conversation I was told that GameStop has issued an ultimatum that if my pre-order for either system was not paid for, and picked up on day one, my system will be forfeited.

This may not be a big deal to those that have either unit paid for and was already expecting to pick up the platforms on launch day, but what about those that pre-ordered the units for their children as a Christmas gift. Sure GameStop isn’t taking your money, but they will swipe your pre-order purchase. I have seen many bashing’s of the retail giant, and no one can over-shadow the fact that the retailer holds a huge margin in the market share of both platforms, and they want to keep that moving forward, however it is at the expense of customer loyalty. This brings with it the argument that many have been making for years. Why Pre-Order?

For hardcore gamers, pre-ordering is no big deal, and gets us free content for doing so. However, those parents that pre-order merchandise so that they can guarantee them for their kids or spouses for the holiday season, or whatever occasion are thrown into a corner. I am sure this is not the publicity that the retailer would want, especially going into the holiday season but it does raise the question of how is their motto “Power to the Players” relevant today?

Despite the bad press, GameStop is trying to win over some consumers by offering 90 percent extra in-store credit on system trade ins, but only if applied to paying off a PS4 they already preordered. Software trade-ins will yield the normal credit values. This special trade-in offer will be held on Sunday November 10th.

A similar event will be offered for the Xbox One on November 17th before the system launches on November 22nd.

How do you feel about how GameStop is handling the Next-Gen system launch, and will you continue to trust the retail giant with pre-orders?

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