Published on September 26th, 2013 | by Shawn Long, Features Editor

TRUTHRant: The Nintendo 2DS is Idiotic

I love Nintendo. Always have, always will. The company tries new ideas and on many occasions, has paved a new path for gaming. For better or for worse, Nintendo marches to the beat of its own drum.

The Nintendo DS was supposed to be a failure compared to the much more powerful PlayStation Portable was. What ended up happening? The DS prevailed, being a huge commercial success. In fact, to date it has become the number one selling handheld console in the world, moving over 153 million units. Not to mention its library of games that appeal to almost anyone.

Even though the company has largely supported its home console endeavors, its bread and butter has been in handheld gaming. Going back further, Nintendo took a chance on “virtual reality” with the Virtual Boy seemingly combining the two platforms. The Virtual Boy was the complete opposite of the ‘DS, becoming both a commercial and critical failure.


You seeing everything okay? Good.

The Virtual Boy soiled Nintendo’s image. Consumers and fans alike felt cheated. Looking back on it, it was rather ambitious, and truth be told, somewhat fun.

So why would I bring up the Virtual Boy?

Well, one hindrance for the console was that it allegedly caused “eye strain” when used for prolonged periods of time, which for some reason was a big deal (I mean who uses self-control anyways, right?). And now, that brings us to our NEW AND IMPROVED NINTENDO 3DS, THE NINTENDO 2DS! What the hell is this? Are we being serious right now?

The reason for the system is due to complaints of “eye strain” from the 3D effects of the Nintendo 3DS. Which, IS THE POINT OF THE SYSTEM! If you don’t want the 3D effect, you simply ADJUST THE SLIDER on the side of the consoles to either limit it, or turn it off. Instead of just addressing concerns with that simple answer, Nintendo has created the Nintendo 2DS, which is a 3DS with no 3D capability. What is the point of this system when you have a SLIDER that controls it already? If it bothers you, you turn it down, or off.

Kids are getting too many headaches from playing the 3DS for too long?

Here is an idea, be a parent to your child. Tell them to do something else, like go outside. I don’t understand why you would take away a key component of a handheld console for such a non-issue. What’s next? The two screens are too much for people to handle? How about the Nintendo 2D1Screen? Then everyone will be happy!

The key issue to the introduction of this ‘2DS is that developers will now have to decide whether or not to include 3D effects into games, since there will now be a small user base of players that CAN’T EVER USE THE FEATURE.

Do you make 3D and 2D versions of a game? Do you just abandon the 3D effects to suit the 2D system and alienate people who enjoy the 3D effects of the system?

This decision is mind boggling.

Final Truth

Now I want to know, who the hell decided this was a good idea. Should we make an Xbox 360 with no Xbox Live, so that kids don’t get cussed at on the system now? Should the PS Vita be available in a system without a web browser so no one looks at inappropriate websites? You cannot please everyone, so stop trying. Nintendo used to be in business for itself and its consumers.

Now, I am starting to lose faith in the Big N.


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