Published on August 28th, 2013 | by Cameron Woolsey

The Last of Us 1.03 Patch Offers New Multiplayer Mode

The 1.03 patch for The Last of Us is designed to tweak multiple issues with the multiplayer mode. But along with some necessary fixes, the patch will also include the multiplayer mode “Interrogation,” where the object is to protect you’r team’s safe while simultaneously tracking down enemies and interrogating them for information on the whereabouts of their own safe.

The mode is a change of pace for the multiplayer, and requires players to keep an enemy alive for interrogation instead of the usual killing them right away. Naughty Dog provided Kotaku with a video featuring Interrogation, which can be found here.

The new patch will add more balance to the multiplayer mode, and include some tweaks such as, finally, being able to interrupt an execution animation.

Said tweaks include (from the patch notes):

  • The revive range has been increase “just a little bit.”
  • Item cache locations have been adjusted for balance in some maps.
  • You can prevent opponents from performing special executions by downing or killing the person doing them.
  • Bugs have been fixed related to intro cameras.
  • Matchmaking has been updated to balance teams and allow you to more likely play against people in your rank.
  • Fixed an issue where item caches were giving too many items after just completing a comeback.

When we reviewed The Last of Us, GAMINGtruth founder D’Juan Irvin tackled the single-player campaign, while I pumped hours into the multiplayer component. And, honestly, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. When it comes to games like TLOU, most people will be hard pressed to believe that the multiplayer component would be worth any devoted time.

However, I found that it was engaging and challenging enough to warrant attention, and I feel that Interrogation will be a perfect fit. It sounds as if it will be more challenging than the other modes, as it will take some getting used to the idea of keeping opponents alive instead of giving them a shank sandwich after knocking them out.

What do you think of Interrogation? Sound off below.

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