Published on August 23rd, 2013 | by Cameron Woolsey

New GTA V Screens, Website Update

Rockstar Games has unleashed a new pack of screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V, as well as an update to the game’s webpage, highlighting some new attractions.

The screenshots are your standard fare: Helicopter flights, shooting at the po-po and some general arguing about stuff. The website, however, shows off some of the extra activities players can do while visiting the city of Los Santos.

Now, we fully expected there to be a tattoo shop situated somewhere in the city. After all this is GTA we’re talking about. But beyond that, the site update also shows that we can blow off steam with some yoga classes (complete with humorously suggestive poses!) or with a few rounds of golf.

Then again, that last one might not cool any tempers. We foresee some grand theft golf cart and blood on the green in the near future.

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