Published on July 22nd, 2013 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Summer Sale Bundles Continue with Five Titles from NinjaBee

If your wallet isn’t emptied and riddled with cobwebs after the recent Steam sale, the Xbox Live Arcade has got another summer sale for you. The bundle includes five games from NinjaBee (A World of Keflings, Band of Bugs, Ancients of Ooga, Cloning Clyde and Outpost Kaloki X) for 1600 MS Points, or $20.

“In any other circumstance, five NinjaBees would be too dangerous for most humans to approach alone,” said Brent Fox, art director at NinjaBee. “But we are pleased to announce that the NinjaBee Bundle is safe not only for you, but for your wallet as well.”

Here at GAMINGtruth, we enjoyed the original launch of A Workd of Keflings. The expansive casual/RTS/adventure gameplay is enough to warrant the price tag.

And you know what they say, the Oogani aren’t going to release themselves. Now take those recyclables in for the extra change, chump.

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