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Published on July 16th, 2013 | by Lucy Niess, Reviews Editor

Some ‘Real Talk’ at the Assist Me! Panel at EVO 2013

It takes a lot of work and dedication to not only keep up your own fighting game prowess, but write, produce, act and shoot your own web videos — all of which takes so much time and effort to complete. But that is what the Assist Me! team does, and it is all in good fun.

During EVO 2013, the team held a panel that went over the history of the show, as well as provided some insight to its future. The show’s background was discussed most of all, and we will provide the summary first.

Assist Me! — The Story

Lead by Maximilian and his good friend Matt, Assist Me! (on Max’s personal channel, Miles923) produces witty and educational content for both the fighting game casual player and those who are aspiring to be a top competitor.

The videos range from tutorials on specific characters from a variety of different fighting games. Max plays and creates content for games such as Injustice: Gods Among Us, Skullgirls, Street Fighter X Tekken, and of course Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Not only does he provide tutorials on specific characters, he also has a segment called “Real Talk” where he discusses topics that the typical gamer goes through.

Topics include personal relationships and video games, competitions and rage quitting. On top of all that, Max also makes videos about his thoughts about the video game industry itself, and the pros and cons of certain decisions made for the fans. He also runs a second channel called “Yo! Video games.” He does so much more than that, but not without the help of his crew.


Max’s partner in crime is Matt Simmons, commonly known as the man behind the mask of the popular character/top-tier fighter, Doctor Doom. He has built this character to be an obnoxiously loud, freeloading, Wesker-hating, X-23-chasing yogurt-loving ruler of Latveria with some of the most memorable lines, including the renaming of one of his supers in UMVC3 — no longer is his level one super considered to be called Photon Array, but now it is commonly known as the “finger lasers.”

Aside from playing Doctor Doom, Simmons is essentially the right-hand man of the production and … ahem … assists Max in his ideas for both channels. He does many of the behind-the-scenes work, some of which was mentioned at the special Assist Me! panel at EVO 2013. But Doctor Doom is not without his nemesis in the series, Wesker who is played by Mike Young.

Young has done so much for the production as well, including making many of the costumes, helped film some scenes and play some characters himself. Aside from Wesker, he is also Deadpool, Rocket Raccoon and Thanos. Although he hit a snag in life with employment and his wife being pregnant at the time, he still managed to help the crew out in the best way he could.

Alongside Young is Max’s sister, Tess, who plays X-23 in the series. This beautiful woman has also appeared in a few other of Max’s videos that are not limited to the Assist Me! series. She played some video games with her brother including Typing of the Dead, Crazy Taxi and Soul Caliber 2 on the Yo! Video games channel.

Another lovely lady is Sandra Diana who plays the mutant Phoenix in Assist Me! Although she has not appeared in other videos besides those where she plays Phoenix, it was hinted at the panel that she will be making a comeback for the third and final season of Assist Me!

Last but not least, another member of the crew is Bennie the dog, or Ammy to some. A dog of few (or no) words, this pup definitely turns some heads with her undeniably cute face. She has appeared in many videos as both a cameo and star, and can give even Doctor Doom a run for his money.

These people and more help Max accomplish his goals in helping the fighting game community and new players transition smoother into the competitive scene.

Specifically about the panel at EVO 2013, it was mostly a Q&A session with a little bit of history about the series (which is provided above). Those who attended the panel were Max, Matt, Tess, Sandra and Bennie. A good 98 percent of the questions asked by the audience had to do with future episodes or future ideas.

Some fans also asked about personal experience when playing certain characters, behind-the-scenes filming and writing and the hardships that came with some videos. During the panel, both the trailer for season three of Assist Me! and a sneak peek at the Dante episode were shown, and the fans went nuts.

Although Dante is an older character and pretty much all of what could be known about him has been revealed, it should still make for an entertaining episode. Also in the season is Morrigan Check out the trailer below!

While you are at it, check out more of Max’s videos and see what I mean about the awesomeness of Doctor Doom and friends. Stay tuned for more coverage on EVO 2013!

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