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The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC Review

The horror genre of gaming has streamlined itself the past few years with focus on action and adrenaline rushes. Telltale Games changed this last year with the release of The Walking Dead, a slower paced, interactive game that’s character driven with a different look. The game won many awards, and ended up being an enjoyable experience — the highlight revolved around being able to choose multiple paths which amounted to different results.

Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games
Platform: PlayStation 3 (PSN) [Reviewed], Xbox 360 (Xbox Live)
Release Date: July 2, 2013
Price: $4.99

With the announcement of Season 2, Telltale Games has given fans something to hold them over with the release of The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC. While providing additional content, the stories are not related to Lee or Clem’s from the first season. At least one episode of Season 1 is required to play this DLC (This works out for PlayStation Plus subscribers if they downloaded the first two episodes)


Telltale wanted this DLC to resemble something out of the Creepshow anthology: It features five short stories involving random characters at different point during the first 400 days of the incident.

The stories all revolve around a truck stop called Red’s Diner and the surrounding highway. Each story subtly intertwines with each other, even though they are set at different times. TWD 400 Days is still a mature-rated game, as it features blood, violence and adult language.But while it is tied to the first season, the DLC doesn’t share the same quality. With the style of the game being unchanged from Season 1, and the focus still on the character development, this is where the overall problem comes in.


TWD 400 Days is short, and it spreads itself too thin. And though we can’t be sure if these characters will be involved in Season 2, each story leaves the player on a cliffhanger. Additionally, once each story is completed, the realization hits that the interaction feels limited. Walking in a straight line from Point A to Point B hardly allows the player to accomplish anything.

Other problems with this DLC have crept up as well. Upon starting the game and choosing 400 Days, it will ask you to generate a storyline for the previous episodes, even though they don’t tie in. From that point, it completely restarts the game. There is also no progress saving when completing the stories. At the same time, once completed, it cannot be played again during the same session.


Lastly, if you do happen to die, you have to start the stories all over again. Another issue cropped up when I was playing Bonnie’s campaign. During my playthrough, dying actually caused the system to get locked up after the death screen (this also happened more than once just to verify).

Beyond the issues, 400 Days  plays exactly the same as we remember, with quick-time decision making and story-driven gameplay. The graphics haven’t changed either, so if you have been craving more of Telltale’s zombie adventure, the DLC could be right up your alley. But the problems with the story and awkward glitches could sour the experience.

Final Truth:

While 400 Days is the same style that fans are accustomed to from the first season, it will  leave them wanting more. The story spreads itself too thin, and the interaction is very limited. While the DLC is only $4.99, it’s still worth a pick-up if players like the first season.

Hopefully, these characters will be involved in Season 2, otherwise for a game that focuses on character development, this DLC will feel like a waste of time, and any game-ending glitch spells disaster.

The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC Review Cory Wells, Contributor

Score of DLC is focused on value and experience with the content

Summary: While fans will be familiar with the game, the stories seem short and leave the player wanting more. The interaction is limited, but does help give fans a taste of something different while waiting for Season 2. For $4.99, it's worth a pick-up


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