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Published on June 28th, 2013 | by Cameron Woolsey

Saints Row IV E3 Walkthrough

If you were president, how would you approach an alien invasion? Peace treaty? Unconditional surrender? Well, if you’re not a wuss, you’d probably strap on a jetpack and deliver Earth’s response in a mighty kick to extraterrestrial chops.

That’s all hypothetical of course. But developer Volition is at least giving you a chance to live out  your alien stomping dreams when Saints Row IV launches later this year. In the game, players take the roll of ‘Row member and president, who is charge with defeating the alien overlord Zinyak.

In the latest video for the game, Volition’s own senior producer, Jim Boone, demos an early part of Saints Row IV where the president meets Zinyak for the first time. He also shows off some new weapons like the Blackhole Launcher, and a move called “Death From Above.”

Warm up your mitts and then check it out the demo below:

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