Published on June 3rd, 2013 | by Cory Wells, Contributor

Last of Us Multiplayer Mode Leaked

A user on the Gamespot forums obtained a copy of the multiplayer code for the upcoming game The Last of Us on Sunday.

The user, “tonitorsi,” posted the link from the network strings in the game code. You can check the string out here.

Naughty Dog has said the multiplayer for The Last of Us would be “industry changing.” According to the code, it will be a free-roam mode filled with infected — an antagonist faction in the game.

The world will be active and filled with various missions. From what we gather from the leak, looting supplies, crafting weapons and working as a team will be the key to survival. As day and night transition and time passes, the goal is to survive a select number of time.

This is the summary that was taken from the notes of the network string code that was released:

“A small group of Infected have been spotted heading in our direction. Improve the training of the clan to fight off the Infected and attract new members.”

“You gained [A] clan members by fighting off the Infected attack.”

“You were able to partially improve the training of your clan. You gained some clan members by fighting off the attack.

“You were able to dramatically improve the training of your clan before the Infected attacked. As a result, you gained the maximum new clan members. Marauders have been raiding camps in the area. Improve the training of the group to fight off the Marauders and attract new members.”

A mode like this could be truly revolutionary. Open-world multiplayer survival titles are few and far between, with the most successful game being a mod of the PC game ARMA, titled DayZ.

Success was achieved with Dead Island as well, but it seems the multiplayer with The Last of Us will be on a much grander scale.

We will have more to report once things are made official.

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