Published on May 28th, 2013 | by Cory Wells, Contributor

NCAA Football 14 makes recruiting more streamlined

The latest Playbook for NCAA Football 14, which focuses on the series’ Dynasty mode, has been revealed by EA Sports.

NCAA 14 will introduce Coach Skills and Power Recruiting to its repertoire this year. As for the Power Recruiting “feature,” it seems as if the recruiting process will be streamlined for quicker access to playing games during your Dynasty.

In the past, the recruiting process has been an addicting side-game to Dynasty mode. It gave the player something to look forward to and focus on after each game during their Dynasty. Since 2011, the foundation for recruiting was set and expanded every year until 2013.

Last year saw the inclusion of prestige for a school actually being dynamic. However, the main focus was to lure a player by matching up what that player’s interest was, and based on how well your school was in a certain category (TV appearances, coach prestige, athletic facilities, etc.), earn enough points to persuade said player to come to your school.

There were even promises that had to be kept with commitments afterwards. Players could transferred if they did not fulfill your obligations.

With¬†NCAA Football 14, the introduction of Power Recruiting means the process is more streamlined. Skipping the phone call method, you will now simply distribute recruiting points each week. These point allotments carry over week-to-week, and can be adjusted at any time. There will be enhanced emphasis on campus visits and scholarships in NCAA 14, but it seems the process involved in the previous years’ titles won’t be as engrossing.

In addition, Coach Skills brings an RPG element to the series. Coaches will earn XP for achieving goals during games. These points can be put towards over 30 skills that are split across two skill trees (Recruiting and Game Management) allowing endless combinations. Examples would be “Royal Treatment,” which grands a bonus whenever a prospect makes a campus visit, and “Big Game,” where your players will come out of the gates firing on all cylinders in rivalry games, bowl games, or championships. Offensive and defensive coordinators will get their own skill trees, as well.

The Power Recruiting may turn off some fans. I felt the recruiting mode was engrossing and a huge hook to the series, and to minimize the experience is a bit questionable.

The way the Playbooks have shaped up, it seems EA wants the players to spend more time playing the actual game of football, rather than waiting around. Notably, developers have listened to fan feedback this year.

Only time will tell as NCAA Football 14 hits shelves July 9.

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