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Published on May 22nd, 2013 | by Cory Wells, Contributor

Sony Unveils ‘Best of PlayStation Network’ Series, Reveals Games for Vol. 1

Sony announced that it will soon release a series of ‘Best of’ game featuring digital titles in the PlayStation Network Store. The first release, Best of PlayStation Network, Vol. 1, will land in retail stores on June 25. The collection will feature four of the best-selling PSN titles of all time.

When Vikings Attack!Sound ShapesTokyo Jungle and Fat Princess will grace the first edition.

Check out the trailers below for the games featured in the collection:

When Vikings Attack!


Sound Shapes

Tokyo Jungle

Fat Princess

Best of PlayStation Network, Vol. 1 will release for $39.99. — this saves $15 off of the PlayStation Store price. It’s not known if these will be on a disc or as a series of unlock codes much like what God of War: Ultimate Collection had.

Look for this trend to continue in the future.

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