Published on May 20th, 2013 | by Mark Gibson, Editor/Community Manager

Ubisoft Announces Watch Dogs Pre-Order Unlockable Content

Today, Ubisoft has announced a slew of special content available for pre-order purchase of their upcoming open world game, Watch Dogs. Fans who pre-order via Amazon or GameStop will receive exclusive content specific to each retail outlet.

Pre-Order at GameStop

Players who pre-order from GameStop in North America will receive The Palace Pack, which will include an investigation bonus and ATM hack boost. The boost will increase the cash reward when hacking bank accounts in the game. In addition to the DLC Pack, pre-orders players will receive an exclusive game poster designed by comic-book artist, Alex Ross. The posters will be on a first come, first serve bases.

Pre-Order on Amazon

If you chose to pre-order Watch Dogs via, you will receive the Signature Shot Pack that comes with an exclusive single player mission. Once this mission is completed, it will unlock a unique Biometric Assault Rifle and the Black Viceroys Outfit. The in-game weapon is designed to work only for the first person to imprint their palm to the gun’s handle. The mission will call for players to breach a stronghold, steal the package, and be the first to imprint the weapon.

Watch Dogs is set to release on November 19 for the PS3  Xbox 360, Wii U™  and PC, as well as a launch title for the the PlayStation 4.

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