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Published on April 17th, 2013 | by Cameron Woolsey

Bethesda Has Released a Second Teaser Video for its New Game

The Bethesda Softworks twitter feed has released another teaser video for its next game.

The company began its teaser campaign yesterday when it released a Vine video that featured music records and barbed wire. The latest clip is even more mysterious, and a little macabre.

The second video shows colorful sunflowers, innocently enjoying the sun. And then they catch on fire. I don’t exactly get the significance, but then again I don’t understand modern art.


Of course, the video, matched with another mysterious background noise, could help clue us in to what kind of game Bethesda is working on. Things may begin to clear up if more videos get posted.

All we know is that Bethesda isn’t talking, as clearly demonstrated by the company’s community managing guru Pete Hines, who only retweeted the video with the message, “The plot thickens…” Oh, Pete, you scoundrel.

Got any ideas behind the two videos? Shout off in the comments section below.

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