Published on April 11th, 2013 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

Rayman Legends Gets 30 More Levels

I’m sure Nintendo fans are tired of hearing that the once-exclusive Wii U game, Rayman Legends, is getting delayed, but this time there is good news concerning that title. Yes, Rayman Legends is still expected to launch this September, however the team at Ubisoft Montpellier has been hard at work creating 30 additional levels, plus several bosses.

“Trust me, the things we are adding aren’t minor,” said Senior Game Manager Michael Micholic to Official Nintendo Magazine. “We’re not talking about adding some polish here and there, but 30 new levels and several new bosses.”

“Of course, there are more important issues and problems in the world, but we worked really hard to make something and were so involved, it was difficult for us and the fans,” he added.

Rayman Legends is expected to launch September for the Wii U, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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