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Injustice: Gods Among Us Demo Impressions

Warner Bros. Interactive released a demo Tuesday for the upcoming release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, which releases on April 16. NeatherRealm Studios, the developers behind the Mortal Kombat reboot, are responsible for this title as well. Taking that engine and introducing DC Comics’ greatest characters results in a good bit of fun. With the demo, you have the choice among Batman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor.

Each character has different special abilities that tie into his or her fighting style. Batman can surround himself with a colony of bats that can help counter moves, Wonder Woman can alternate between a sword and a lasso fighting styles and Luthor can create a shield to absorb damage. The bats will fly away from Batman after a few seconds, as these abilities do seem very limited. Wonder Woman also seems a bit stiffer in movement when having the sword, but the attacks seem to be more powerful. Luthor’s shield can absorb only one hit before discharging.

There are multiple areas of the included level, as doing a combo at the far end of the screen can trigger a transfer to a different area. The background portions are interactive. For example, you can throw your opponent into a helicopter, or slam a water tower or dumpster on him or her. The action is done with a button prompt in the upper corners of the screen. An ‘R1’ or ‘RB’ will flash depending on your console preference.

There is also a wager prompt where you enter a charge cutscene and one person comes out the winner. This occurs with a mid-screen collision and explosion. The person that loses, which you can see in the video above, gets launched into a skid across the other side of the screen. There isn’t a really clear indication upon how this is done other than the mysterious buttons that appear. A quick tutorial for the demo would have been nice in this case.

The demo offers a single and multiplayer option. The single player will pit you against the three available fighters and a final boss, Doomsday.

Much like the X-ray moves in the most recent iteration of Mortal Kombat, each character has a Super Move. There’s generally an awesome cutscene to go with the move when pulled off. There are no Fatalities in this game, just the Super Moves. The fighting mechanics are inspired by Kombat, but they come off a bit clunky. Combos can be attempted, but it just doesn’t flow well at times.

The fighting feels a bit stiff, more so than MK, and it seems there’s a bit of dead time between moves. I don’t know if maybe reducing the input lag would help this, or if it’s a matter of just adjusting. You have to hold back on the control stick in order to block.

Finally, there is no official end of round/beginning of next round moment. There are two health bars and once one is drained, the player stays down for a brief period only to stand back up again. No timer, no nothing. It just seems a bit strange, but it could be due to NeatherRealm attempting to create the feel of an epic battle straight from the pages of a comic.

The demo is a pretty fun experience and worth trying out. Make sure to look for GAMINGtruth’s review closer to release.

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