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Published on March 21st, 2013 | by Cory Wells, Contributor

Rumor: The “always on, always connected” new Xbox appears to be a reality


Thanks in part to the folks at, they were able to post the instructions to view all the documentation relating to the Durango XDK, the codename for the development kit of the new Xbox.

The documentation is noted as being “subject to change,” but it would be hard to imagine at this point that there would be any major changes. The documentation states that in comparison with Xbox 360 development, time and effort for performance optimization will be reduced. As a lot of rumors have stated, the system will implement different power states so it will remain ON, however draw minimal electricity. The expectation is to make the system instantly accessible, and to not worry about updates.

Along with the upgrade, the new console will also require a new high-fidelity Kinect sensor, and will not operate without it. Word about the sensor indicates it will feature HD video and improved depth sensors to help capture high quality monochrome images even in low ambient lighting conditions. There will be a new controller that will be more ergonomic and simplified for “non-core” gamers. At least this means there will be a controller, as some reports were saying there are no controller ports for the system. The controllers will be wireless, but nothing has been stated about wired controllers, nor if batteries will be required for them.

The system will support Blu-ray discs however; every game will need to be installed to a hard drive. Games will not run off the disc directly, as they strictly will install the data. Much like the PlayStation 4, the documentation states that the game can be played while being installed. Nothing is noted about Blu-ray movie playback, as it seems more-or-less the discs are for high capacity storage. Lastly, the document lists there will be dedicated sound processing to help push 7.1 surround sound.

Obviously, a lot more will be revealed when the actual reveal happens. With the PlayStation 4 reveal, a lot of the rumors were confirmed, but there were some that were put to pasture. This documentation definitely clears the air on a few of those rumors, but hopefully the other holes will be filled shortly for Microsoft’s new console.


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