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Published on March 6th, 2013 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

Dollar Dash XBLA Review

Developer: Candygun Games
Publisher: Kalypso Media
Release Date: March 5, 2013
Platform: XBLA [Reviewed]
Price: $9.99

Review Note: A game code was received for review purposes

Dollar Dash is one of those titles that is hard to critique. In one hand, you look at gameplay elements and visualization and the complexity of the game and you try to pick apart the best and worst parts. On the other hand, you would like to rate the game off of pure enjoyment you feel, regardless of the simplicity. Candygun Games (makers of Dead Block) have crafted a top-down multiplayer experience that is all about just beating out your opponent for weapons and cash. There are 30 different levels, all of which are very different.

The object of Dollar Dash is to collect the most cash before your opponents do. You can do this by outrunning, out-fighting or out-trapping other players, causing them to loose whatever money they are already carrying, or prevent them from taking any money at all. You can grab randomly placed power ups and weapons the more money you gather. There is only have a limited supply of weapon ammo or power up energy, so you will have to use them sparingly and not miss.

The weapons are broken down into defense and offensive weapons. Offensive weapons, such as snow balls or pellet guns, are used to cause opponents to drop their loot. Defensive weapons go along the line of placeable bobby traps. Think of setting up clap traps or hidden bombs to prevent your foes from escaping with all the loot or getting to the loot. Remember, it is a timed race where speed is a priority.

The Chaos of battling friends

The chaos of battling in multiplayer.

Dollar Dash does not have a traditional single-player game. Basically, single-player mode consists of you playing against bots, prepping you for online multiplayer against real people. There are also three multiplayer modes. “Dollar Dash” mode, my personal favorite out of all three, is essentially a free-for-all battle mode where every player is out for number one. Players plant booby traps, take defensive measures or simply go all out and shoot down foes as they try to take your loot.

“Save the Safe” mode is like capture the flag, but the flag is a big safe. It’s very fun dodging your enemies as they hunt you down for the safe you carry over your head. In this game mode the strategy to win is exploiting every weapon you can get your hands on. That means that even players that are holding on to the safe can use weapons to fend off foes.

The Stages are vastly different

The stages are vastly different.

“Hit N’ Run” tests your mettle as you compete to find out who is the best thief. Defense is out the window here. Things turn into a slug fest as players are out to knock each other out of the game, so only one player can walk away with cash.

With the cash you earn, you can unlock perks, weapon upgrades or even outfit your little thief to your liking. This keeps the legs of Dollar Dash churning, and keeps you wanting to play so that you can earn (I mean steal) cash so and earn more and more unlocks. There are 20 different weapons throughout the game, and earning unlockable upgrades for a majority of them will take some time.

The game play is actually very simplistic, easy to pick up and play. Its full of chaos, and an extreme amount of fun. Its the little things that Dollar Dash gets right that hits home for me. From the easy to use controls, to the fluid animations, and the high competitive nature of the games multiplayer will keep players coming back time and time again to earn more cash rewards for knocking out their friends, or in some cases complete strangers.

Final Truth:

Dollar Dash is a fun, competitive multiplayer game that will keep gamers competing against each other to find out who is the better thief. There’s an online leader board so you can check where your friends stand as opposed to yourself, keeping the competitive edge visible even when you are away from the game. If you are looking for a perfect party game, or even a late night game to play with a couple of friends, Dollar Dash will consume a large chunk of your time.

[xrr label=”Rating: 8/10″ rating= 8/10]

+ Simplistic controls
+ Smooth animations
+ Character models
+ Fun multiplayer modes
No actual story mode


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