Published on March 1st, 2013 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Psychological Puzzler-Platformer? Hybris Does.



What is Hybris? At the moment, we are not quite sure ourselves.

What we do know is the game promises to deliver something “new” in terms of platformers. The development company behind the title is known as ‘Monsters,’ and Hybris is the first game for the ambitious young studio, as well as the first installment in a trilogy series.

The game is said to draw inspiration  from “classic adventures games,” and deliver something that will “challenge and thrill you.” As the art style presents, it looks as though this eerie title will play along the lines of games like Pid, The Cave or even the Trine series. However, the game seems to be going for a bit darker tone, reflecting the company name.

Hybris is set to launch sometime in the first part of the year in 2013 on PC and Mac. There is a note for additional platforms, so we might just be seeing this episodic release on all current-gen consoles.

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