Published on February 19th, 2013 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

Bungie Unveils Destiny



Bungie has unveiled its ambitious new online first-person shooter, Destiny, the company’s first game since it left Halo in the hands of Microsoft and 343 Industries. When looking at Bungie’s new IP, it seems as if the company is not going for something as simple as a new shooter, but, instead, as one of the biggest worlds ever created in video games. The team has already proven that it can create a great science fiction experiences, but with this level of ambition, sci-fi may be taken to a whole new level.

There isn’t much that we know about Destiny at this point in time beyond the basics. In fact, if you look at the art work and trailer that were released, it is easy to end up with more questions than answers.

What We Do Know:

Destiny is an online FPS steeped in science fiction. The game takes place on a new planet, where players travel through exotic locations and fight various alien types. The weapons are imaginative, and the game will have special features for the particular class of character you design. That’s right, you design the character you want to play as. There are specific character classes you can design off of. Those of which are not clear at this point, but what is known is that you can outfit your character to how you like.

Does it look like Halo? Yes and no. At first glance, it more closely resembles Gearbox’s open-world FPS, Borderlands. That could mean loot hunting throughout the world, with thousands of weapons to search for and rare weapons with special stats.


When it comes to the world of Destiny, however, it is better to compare it to BioWare’s Mass Effect series. We all know that Bungie has the ability to create vast worlds that can be expanded far beyond video games. That is even more evident with Destiny — the world looks massive.

When it comes to multiplayer, Bungie is taking a whole new approach to the lobby system, a game mechanic it mastered with the Halo series. In the traditional sense, you and your friends enter a multiplayer lobby, join matchmaking and play. In Destiny, you and a friend will play in the massive world much like your typical MMO, and if you are in a “raid” or venturing,  taking a page from the award-winning Journey, any player can jump in and help at any time.

Combining all of these different massively multiplayer game elements is what is going to be Destiny‘s ace. Although we are still left in the dark as far as how these will all be implemented, there is plenty left to the imagination. We do know that Destiny will not launch any time this year, but will be available in 2014 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and “Next Gen” systems. We imagine more will be available as the year goes on so stay tuned to GAMINGtruth for updates.

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