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Published on February 5th, 2013 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

NVIDIA Wants to Handle Your PC Specs with the GeForce Experience

We all know that the Consumer Electronics Show is the place to be for new technology. Everything from 4K TVs to dancing robots can be experienced on the show floor. Amongst the robots and clutter, many tech hardware companies are in attendance so that they too can show off the goods. NVIDIA might have a few tricks up their sleeve with Project Shield, but don’t think they’ve abandoned support for their branded graphics cards.

The GeForce Experience is something that is a long time coming. The joys of gaming on the PC are highly due to its customization in settings. Turning off lighting effects, increasing textures and general tinkering are the norm for gaming in the PC realm. Players could previously find the best suitable settings by visiting the company’s main site or by selecting/deselecting settings. NVIDIA is looking to take your hardware by the horns and streamline your gaming time with its optimization suite. A simple click of a button will have you geared up and ready to move out with the right features and settings.

The software has been in ‘Closed Beta’ for over a month, allowing 40,000 people to download and deliver feedback. Now, the company has moved the software to an ‘Open Beta’ platform inviting the general GeForce public to take part get involved. Click here to get your mitts on the download and experience it yourself. There are currently 41 games supported in the latest update with more to come.

Here are the latest notes from the most recent update:

GeForce Experience 1.0.1 Release Notes
• Expanded game support, including FarCry 3, Mechwarrior Online, and Hawken. GFE now support 41 titles.
• Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad CPU support in most games. More to come.
• Dramatically improved game detection logic
• Added optimal playable settings for 2560 x 1440 displays.
• Improved translations for Chinese, Danish, and UK English.
• Improved performance for client startup, billboard display, game scan, and communication with NVIDIA servers.
• Numerous bug fixes and improvements.

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