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Published on January 29th, 2013 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Cell: Emergence Hopes to Get Greenlit, Sale to Entice Newcomers

For some, video games only fall into a handful of categories. Players then stick to only a few games in a given genre, and sometimes miss out on creative titles that hit the scene. The same can be said about Cell: Emergence.

The indie title hit the Xbox LIVE Indie Games marketplace and PC last year. In fact, you can check out our official review here. Now, the title is getting an update (Version 1.1) and a sale to prep it for Steam Greenlight glory. From now until Feb. 4 you can pick up the title on Desura for $0.99. There is also a demo for the game available, allowing for three levels playable.

As stated before, strictly staying in one category of games can limit you to other titles out there. Games like Cell: Emergence may not be your traditional action shooter, or puzzler for that matter, but it still deserves a look. Rid the cell of its plague and purify with anti-body weaponry. The voxel style of the game isn’t your A-typical next-gen graphics, but there’s something structurally enticing about it.

Check out the gameplay trailers below to learn more about the Voxel environment.

Game Mechanics:


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