Published on January 28th, 2013 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

New Crysis 3 Open Beta Trailer and Info

It’s no secret that the Crysis 3 Open Beta for consoles and Windows PC kicks off tomorrow. You might be wondering just what’s on the table for access. In that case, the game’s producer Mike Reed digs into what we can expect from tomorrow’s launch. It looks like the newly introduced Hunter Mode will accompany returning capture-the-flag, Crash Site.

The Hunter mode is something similar to what you’d see with an infection game: the Hunter takes victims, turning them into Hunters themselves. The team grows in size until there is only one person left. The game allows players to experience something more than just your typical team deathmatch and makes full use of the newly introduced weaponry.

The second on the list is Crash Site. This is familiar to fans of Crysis 2. The mode delivers a capture-the-flag run with spontaneous drop sites. I did enjoy this from the previous title due to the use of the nanosuit and making it more challenging to capture/hold positions. This time around, though, the Pinger’s use can make or break your victory lap with a few blasts to knock you on your ass.

The last bit of news should hold you PC players at bay. The NVIDIA specs for its newest BETA drivers were updated today. What do you know, Crysis 3 performance via compatible cards is at the top of the list. The optimization beta was also seen at CES 2013. The program offers to auto-adjust specs based on your computer hardware. This is a bit different than skimming the site and cross-referencing information and drop down bars. Hit the link here to view and download the software.

The PC open beta will house 16 players total, while the console versions are limited to 12. The open beta kicks off tomorrow Jan. 29.

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