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Published on January 15th, 2013 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

Disney Infinity Combines Games with Figurines

Disney Infinity, a series of interconnected video games based on Disney and Pixar films, has been announced for a June release.

How it works is simple: Disney Infinity games will be a platform, not a single game, providing video game experiences in Disney and Pixar films. An eclectic mix of figurines will be available for purchase (think Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure) to use in each game’s Toy Box mode. These toys are used by setting them on a pad that reads data from the figurine to recreate them for use in the game.

Toy Box allows Sully to interact with Mr. Incredible, or Woody and Captain Jack Sparrow, in a level-building mode. Players can partake in tutorials, go on missions, build their own levels, and incorporate some basic programming so simple games like sidescrollers can be created. Much like the Little Big Planet series, creative gamers can upload their levels for others to download and enjoy. If you’re also interested to code games like this one day, you can actually learn online now.

According to Kotaku, John Pleasants, head of Disney Interactive, said “You can play with your favorite Disney characters without limits. All of these characters, together for the first time, ready to play.”

The first playsets to launch in June will be based on Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Incredibles. A $75 starter pack comes with all three playsets, with additional characters (30 plus characters are planned for release) available for $13 each.

Each playset provides a third-person action game (Pirates of the Caribbean features ship combat), and features local multiplayer for two, or online for four.

Though not confirmed, it seems likely that Infinity will release for mobile, online, Nintendo Wii U, Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, 3DS and PC.

What are your thoughts on Disney’s new game platform? What characters would you like to see released?

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