Published on December 18th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

New Resident Evil 6 Multiplayer Modes Available First for Xbox 360 Players

It was only yesterday that Capcom confirmed the PC date for Resident Evil 6 and patch updates for console players. Today, the company is bringing fans new modes to an ever growing game.

The new modes, which are available today–as in right now, right now–bring new multiplayer game-types. If you only have a few extra points in your XBLA bank, then you’ll be happy to know that each multiplayer mode will kick off for 320 MS Points. Even if you have just under a thousand you can still land all three via bundle pack for 720 Microsoft Points.

Here are the descriptions of each mode as stated in the release:


In a series of quick fire rounds, up to six players take their turn as the fearsome Ustanak with full access to its weapons, while the others must avoid capture or worse. Human players score points for successful attacks, but lose points for being caught or taken down. The match is over once all have played as the Ustanak, with the participant with the most points crowned as the winner.

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This is the Resident Evil 6 take on the classic solo and team based deatchmatch mode. Like Predator, you’ll compete for the highest score, but once a player is taken out, they respawn as one of the game’s enemy characters, and must then defeat another human character in order to return to the fray as their original player character. Survivors is available for two to six players.

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Chaining combos is the key to success in this two player mode where each must clear waves of oncoming enemies. The twist comes when a player completes a combo chain as this will send enemies over to their opponent’s screen. Expect the balance of power to constantly shift in this intense addition to the Resident Evil 6 experience.

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There is no news yet when the update will hit the PlayStation Network. PC fans will enjoy all updates when the game launches March 22, 2013.

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