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Quick, to the eShop! Batman’s Wearing the Ice King’s Crimson Shroud While Sonic Transforms


The Nintendo Wii U library is growing at an exponential rate. Not only can you get excited about new full on retail releases into the eShop, but now you can get excited about the long awaited platformer sequel, Rayman Legends.

Ubisoft also confirmed the February 26, 2013 official release date to Rayman Legends just days ago.

Early on, a leaked “prototype” demo trailer brought excitement and wonderment about the possibilities of Near Field Communication (NFC) on the Nintendo Wii U. In short, this feature allows physical items to communicate with the GamePad and be brought into the game. The demo showed off the notorious Rabbids being transformed from physical to digital form, and hinted at one other iconic Ubisoft character.

Other than the excitement of Globox and Rayman, there are a few others games to whet your whistle. The Batman returns in Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition which can now be downloaded from the eShop. It’s no wonder that Nintendo allowed the Wii U to support external storage. The growing number of must have titles will can easily fill up 32GB’s of storage.

Speaking of must have games, if you wanted to check out one sleek racer, then head over and download the demo of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed . While I haven’t played the game in a few days, let’s hope that the various bugs seen in regular game have been fixed. Even with the seemingly broken modes of the single player challenges, the game is still a blast to play and looks magnificent on console.


Developer: WayForward Technologies
Publisher: D3Publisher
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: November 13, 2012
Platform: Nintendo 3DS

With one of the longest game titles in history, Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?!! demo is now available in the eShop.

Fans of the series will no doubt find comfort in the text of the game, which often references the series and its quirkiness. Be prepared to read, though. The game also features gameplay that is similar to retro titles like The Legend of Zelda, housing a 2D exploration portion and top down view of the Land of Ooo.

[nggallery id=977]

Release Date: December 13, 2012
Genre: Role-Playing
Publisher: LEVEL-5 International America, Inc.
Price: $7.99

It isn’t often that you get an award winning veteran video game designer to design a handheld title. Designer Yasumi Matsuno (Final Fantasy XII, Vagrant Story) lent his creativity to this project brought to the Nintendo eShop thanks to LEVEL-5.

The title pays tribute to tabletop role playing games, even allowing players to roll virtual dice. Play as Giauque as you protect the Original Gift known as the Crimson Shroud. This ancient gift must be protected, but each new roll of the dice will delegate your future. The game promises a “class RPG” experience and should and isn’t a bad price sitting at $7.99.

[nggallery id=978].

Among the full on releases, this week also brings on a slew of honorable mentions. These games include: Art of Balance TOUCH! demo (eShop), Ninja Gaiden (eShop), Gardenscapes (eShop), Chuck E. Cheese’s Alien Defence Force (eShop/ DSiWare) Rytmik: World Music Edition (eShop/DSiWare), and Zombie Skape (eShop/DSiWare)

The Nintendo Wii is still alive and kicking, literally. The fighter REAL BOUT FATAL FURY will drop in the Virtual Console.

Quick, to the eShop! is your one stop shop for the weekly rundown of Nintendo downloadable titles.

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