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Published on December 13th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Nothing Says ‘Yuletide’ like Roasting Someone’s Hide

It’s always great jumping into a multiplayer match Christmas morning. You know that everyone else in the match probably received a shiny new game under their tree or in their stocking. Just like the rest of them, you were too giddy to even enjoy the presence of your visiting relatives and zoned out while you fragged for a few. At least now you can enjoy some holiday mayhem early on.

EA announced today some bonuses for those playing the free-to-play shooter, Battlefield Heroes. The most prominent feature will be the return of the Advent Calendar, delivering a new free item every day of the week. This is aside from the free items for those who are trolling the forums as free items will also be delivered there.

Something else that seems like it’s a long time coming, the game will now feature options for weapons customization. Swap and load the essentials to make just the right clip or barrel for your gun. The mode also comes with the news, which is big for the series, of the camera feature. This mode will allow players to zoom-in and out, and record other happenings during a match.

Much like that of games like Team Fortress 2, this free-to-play can now involve your creativity and camera skills to make the perfect silly collaboration of minds into one seamless video.

The game will also feature two new weapons, a snow blower and flamethrower seen in the trailer.

Hit the link here to download the game and start roasting nuts. Ho, Ho, hold on to your butts.

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