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Published on December 12th, 2012 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Twonky Beam is Now Compatible With Xbox 360

Earlier today PacketVideo announced that Twonky Beam–the free app that allows users to transfer and stream content online from a tablet or mobile device to a TV–is now compatible with the Xbox 360 console.

With the addition of these popular products to the existing lineup of devices that support Twonky Beam, including Apple TV, AT&T U-verse, multiple models of connected televisions, and legacy DLNA devices, Twonky Beam now works with well over 90% of connected living room media devices.

“Twonky Beam offers the best of both worlds for today’s connected consumer.

Tablet and mobile devices have become enormously popular for the discovery and consumption of video content, and that trend shows no sign of slowing down,” said Jerome Rota, Senior Vice President of Consumer Products and Services at Packet Video.

This is a perfect fit for gamers who utilize their Xbox 360’s for more than just gaming, and would like to transfer and stream content wirelessly with ease to their system.

Microsoft’s console also has native wireless streaming support with Windows Media Connect, and is compatible with a plethora of apps such as TVersity that allow for instant streaming of content including pictures, videos and music.

Twonky Beam is just one part of PacketVideo’s wide variety of home media software. Twonky Beam is now available as a FREE download via Apple’s App Store and Google Play. For more information please visit PacketVideo’s official website.

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