Published on December 10th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Lara Croft is a Survivor, Doesn’t Give Up, and Will Work Harder in this New Trailer

Today, Square-Enix released the newest trailer for the upcoming prequel to the Tomb Raider series. The game encompasses the roots of what made Lara the hardcore survivalist shown in later titles. The trailer was first seen Dec. 7 during the Video Game Awards and was accompanied by an enchanting arrangement of classical instruments, bringing tension and context to the battle that lie ahead.

The game places Lara on an island off the coast of Japan. As seen in the trailer and many others, Lara will use various tactics to make it out alive. The use of the hunting bow and silent attacks on unsuspecting enemies provides a differing experience for those who have previously played Tomb Raider titles.

The mechanics are much more focuses on stealth and using the environment to sharpen your skills, not necessarily the pistols you are packin’. Lara must now hunt for food and use various other tools to simply stay alive.

It is now up to Lara to survive not only for herself, but to save her friends.

Tomb Raider is slated to launch March 5, 2013.

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