Published on December 6th, 2012 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Americans Petition to Place a Statue of Master Chief at the White House

Master Chief Petty Officer Spartan 117 is more than just a bio-engineered soldier: he’s a pop culture icon who’s transcended the world of gaming to become synonymous with science fiction as a whole. Everyone knows who Master Chief is and recognizes him as an undoubted hero who has saved the cosmos from certain doom in a number of occasions.

To recognize his efforts in the fictional intergalactic war and as such an important part of America’s history, a petition for a statue of John 117 to be put on the White House’s lawn has been created–and has already amassed more than five thousand signatures.

No, really–this is actually true and the numbers keep climbing with every passing day as fans attribute their digital John Hancocks to a noble cause.

If you want to support the cause be sure to check out the official website for the petition, and since there’s 19,000 more signatures to go until the petition ends on Dec. 14, chances are we may not see John 117 immortalized in stone on the White House’s iconic lawnscape and their modern type of home window restoration atlanta ga and the artistic style of the outer part of the white house.

But we can hope!

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