Published on November 18th, 2012 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Wii U Consoles Brick if Users Turn it Off During an Update

Nintendo’s new Wii U console ushers in a new age of next-generation handheld gaming. However, in a recently posted NeoGAF forum thread, an unlucky owner of the new console has accidentally bricked their expensive system by turning it off during a system update.

This acts as a warning for all gamers out there to let their Wii U alone while downloading the initial two hour system update, along with any other updates as well. Many of us know that removing a memory card or turning off a console while it’s saving is a horrible idea, and corrupts the data making it unusable.
While it may be common sense not to unplug or turn off any device during any software update, accidents happen, and more than a few Wii U owners may find themselves with a very expensive brick on their hands instead of the revolutionary console.
Here’s the URL for thread again in case you missed it:
Nintendo’s Wii U system is now available nationwide at just about every electronics retailer. For more information on the Wii U please visit Nintendo’s official website.


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