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Published on November 5th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Battlefield 1942 Becomes Free to Play

Battlefield 3 was no doubt the continuation of an era of realistic first person shooter war games. Many didn’t realize that the game had its roots buried in PC stardom, but they soon might find that out quickly.

Today, EA and DICE announced the return of WWII by making the game that started it all free to play. This celebrates DICE and its 10 years being on the field of battle. Click here to go straight to the download.

Battlefield 1942 introduced players to some of the most realistic experiences in WWII based first person shooters. The game featured something that couldn’t be found in other titles and was released to mouse and keyboard players first.

When we launched Battlefield 1942 ten years ago, we had lofty ambitions to create a first-person shooter that would push the boundaries of innovation, creativity and design. We evolved the FPS gameplay formula by introducing the world to all-out warfare via land, air and sea,” said Karl Magnus Troedsson, Vice President and General Manager of DICE.

The game becoming free to play is to thank those faithful players who have taken part in the Battlefield Premium and Battlenet programs. Since the launch of Battlefield 3 in 2011 there is no doubt that some folks have logged some serious hours. Here are a few stats just to showcase the dedication of those players:

  • 95 billion total heals
  • 4 billion total revives
  • 3 billion vehicles destroyed
  • 2 trillion bullets fired

For those wanting to grab the Battlefield Premium it is a onetime fee of $49.99. This purchase opens you up to the rest of the content that has been released as downloadable content. The next set of DLC to drop will be Battlefield: Aftermath.

This pack releases to premium members on November 27th on PlayStation 3 and December 4 for Xbox 360 and PC December 4th.

For everyone else it will be releasing December 11th on PlayStation 3 and December 18th on Xbox 360 and PC.

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