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Published on October 31st, 2012 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

NOS Energy Promotion Gives Early Access to AC3’s “Sharpshooter”

Today Ubisoft announced that it has teamed up with NOS Energy Drinks for an official Assassin’s Creed III promotion through the NOS Rewards Series (NRS) that allows gamers early access to a brand new in-game character before its released to the public.

Who is this new character you may be asking? The promotion reveals the Sharpshooter, a master of aim and  firearms who possesses pinpoint accuracy and is sure to deliver a satisfying experience.

So how do you unlock the new Sharpshooter character?

It’s quite easy, actually: all you have to do is pick up a specially marked can of NOS Energy Drink, create an account on NRS via, and enter your code. All it takes is just one  NOS Rewards Series point to get early access to the Sharpshooter character. That’s it!

From now until Jan. 31 the only way to get the Sharpshooter is through NOS’s loyalty rewards program, so get drinking!

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