Published on October 1st, 2012 | by Cliff Bakehorn III, Contributor

Samurai G Review

Developer/Publisher: UFO Interactive
Platform: Nintendo 3DS eShop
Release Date: October 4, 2012
Price: $1.99

Review Notes: A review code was received for review purposes.

When I first saw the trailer for Samurai G, I was hoping it would play like a fast-paced version of Shinobi. Unfortunately, I was mistaken: UFO Interactive’s eShop title is less “skill-based platformer” and more “glorified iOS/Android running game”. It trades all traces of depth and complexity for lightning-fast running, jumping, and sword-slashing.

To be fair, UFO’s digital download costs just $1.99 – pretty low for a 3D enhanced eShop title. Considering the standards of the platform and the cheap price, Samurai G isn’t a terrible deal – it’s pretty average, really.

However, when you consider that similar games on iOS/Android platform are generally free (or can be played with a freeware trial version), Samurai G doesn’t look so great. There is no plot to worry about as the game doesn’t waste time with formalities such as a lead role or antagonist; it just gets right to the point: constant running and trying to stay alive.

The gameplay is simple – you’re forced to run to the right constantly, jumping over obstacles and collecting coins while you slash at enemies and projectiles with your sword. When you collect a certain number of coins, you enter a “God mode” where you’re faster, stronger, and invincible for a limited amount of time – this is pretty exciting, but it’s the only real “depth” involved here. Again, Samurai G is pretty simple: you can attempt the “basic” or “advanced” courses over and over again, challenging your previous high score or attempting to unlock more of the in-game “Achievements”.

The presentation is unfortunately pretty lackluster; the 3D effects are the only element of the visuals that make the game stand out as a 3DS title. The scrolling backgrounds are often murky and make it very difficult to see the obstacles that are constantly appearing at your feet; sometimes it is even difficult to keep track of the projectiles on the screen, particularly when your foes appear from outside the edge of the screen.

The music is appropriately tense, but ultimately the cheap-sounding effects and poor graphics make Samurai G seem like an even cheaper piece of software.

Final Truth:

Pass on it. Overall, Samurai G isn’t the worst download on the eShop -I definitely liked it more than Planet Crashers and Dot Runner – in fact, I would say it’s a solid “running game”, for what it’s worth.

Unfortunately, even at the cheap price, it’s not really worth your time – you can do just as well with a freeware game on the iPad, and you’d have the added benefit of a large screen to play with.

[xrr label=”Rating: 5/10″ rating=5/10]

+ Solid “running game”, fast-paced action
+ Achievements available for slightly extended replay value
– Presentation is lackluster, to be generous
– Lack of depth, content
– Feels like it could have been freeware on iOS/Android devices

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