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Published on October 1st, 2012 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Gearbox Software: Thanks for the Warm and Fuzzies

A couple weeks ago, anxious in my zeal to get my hands on a copy of Borderlands 2, I attended a midnight launch at a local GameStop. It was only two miles away, so I figured I could get in and get home pretty quickly after midnight. I had on my Borderlands 2 logo shirt (mandatory on pre-launch day, of course) and was in a great mood. Perfect way to start off the day before my return to Pandora.

I got to the launch event at about 10:00 p.m. just when things were starting to pick up and was pleasantly surprised to see a DJ setting up. Shortly after, two large flat-screen TVs were brought out and PS3s connected. They were going to let us play a bit early? Awesome!

As people started arriving, smiles on their faces and anxious to play, I spent a bit of time reflecting on a couple things. It was good to see fellow gamers anxious to play a game from a company that is so focused on keeping their fans happy.

This is the first introduction I got to Michael Mamaril.

For example, you may not have heard the story of Michael John Mamaril, but it’s a great story to be told. Michael was a gamer who played tons of Borderlands with his friends, but was diagnosed with a terminal illness that rapidly deteriorated his health and ended with his passing. Carlo, a close friend of Michael’s, sent in a request to Gearbox that Claptrap voice his eulogy. Not only did Gearbox do that, they made him an NPC in Borderlands 2.

Fittingly, Michael is a vault hunter, but the coolest thing about him is that just about whenever you meet him in Sanctuary, he just hands you a blue or better rarity weapon. Let that sink in for a minute. They took a gamer that passed and immortalized him in a game – only because he played theirs – and did so in a way that not only will he be helping gamers for as long as Borderlands 2 is played, people will actively look for him. Whether that be for the weapons he hands you or a quick buck for selling them, that’s pretty incredible.

Get used to seeing your fellow Vault Hunter hand you rare gear. He does it fairly often.

That put a new perspective on how I took in the joy of the night. These gamers were all gathered, smiling, laughing, and just being jolly — because a development company cares enough about them and their opinions to build a game they wanted to play. Those opinions affected how this second game in Borderlands series was developed, and will continue to affect the coming DLC.

After having and playing the game for a couple weeks, I have to add in the fact that BL2 was made to top just about everything in the original (which they’ve done pretty well if I might add). Everything about it just screams “More!”. You’ve got more enemies and variations on those enemies, larger maps, more gun types, more grenade types, more ways to get cool gadgets, more easter eggs, and most importantly: more fun. You may have noticed that we here at GAMINGtruth enjoyed Borderlands 2 as well. Our very own Kyle Spencer gave it a 9.5, and I personally believe that if you like role-playing games, first-person shooters, laughing, blowing things up and co-op gameplay, Borderlands 2 is a must-own. I can’t tell you in enough languages to pick up a copy if you haven’t already done so.

So with that in mind, on behalf of all the gamers in attendance at the Winter Park GameStop, the GameStop team, and anyone else who is enjoying Borderlands 2, I’d like to say thank you to Randy Pitchford (@DuvalMagic), Mike Neumann (@Mikeyface), Adam Fletcher (@PezRadar), and the entire team at Gearbox Software (@GearboxSoftware). Development studios like yours make it more awesome to game, and we appreciate every minute of it.

Showing my support with a double-gun salute!

Allow me to share the joy that was felt on launch with anyone who cares to listen. I started this off with the featured image, fittingly I’d say, with the GameStop staff and DJ Kyle 2.0 who all made it possible. This was after the launch event was over at about 1:30 a.m. and every one of the gamers was already at home and playing, mind you, so on top of being an awesome team, their enthusiasm shines through as well as anyone else’s. They deserve a thanks of their own, so thanks you guys!

Below, you’ll find multiple galleries of photos that were taken at the event and the person behind the lens.

Henry Samuel Held

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Grant Alex Spruce

[nggallery id=878]

D’Juan Irvin (Me!)

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