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Published on September 25th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Resident Evil 6 TGS Trailer Makes You Want to Draw Your Gun

I don’t think I could ever want to draw my gun any quicker and jump right into the action of Resident Evil. The trailer comes to us straight out of the Tokyo Game Show 2012 and shows off quite a bit from the game. But, is it showing too much?

I know quite a few people, even some of the staff from GAMINGtruth, who don’t want to know anything about the game before gearing up to plant bullets in zombie skulls. On the other hand, others from our site have explored the depths of the demo and have had plenty to say about it.

The demo shows off quite a bit of action, particularly this scene here which shows the death of Sherry Birkin. I’ve played quite a few games in the Resident Evil series, and am familiar with the characters. Even so, I can admit that I’m not one hundred percent positive about the outcome of Sherry, or her primary importance in the storyline in current RE lineage. I don’t necessarily know whether it is a spoiler, or simply ruffling our feathers and getting us geared up to take revenge on the Ustanak for what he’s done.

Decide for yourself and sound off in the comments below.

Here is the image from the trailer.
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