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Published on September 20th, 2012 | by Cameron Woolsey

You Have to See this Skyrim Graphics Mod for Morrowind. Right Now.

I have often confessed my profound love for Morrowind, the third entry of Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls franchise. And it has freaking tickled me for years to see the dedication of fans who spend long hours still creating mods for the 9-year old masterpiece.

Easily among my favorite mods are those that beef up the graphics in an attempt to keep the aging RPG relevant in these modern, graphics-heavy times. The best graphics mod so far has been Morroblivion, which merges the game with the graphics engine of its older brother, Oblivion.

But why stop there?

Last year we were given the fifth incarnation of the series, Skyrim, which is powered by the franchise’s most powerful graphics engine. So why not use it to upgrade Morrowind?

Modder “Eloth” has answered that question with the exalted cry of a dragon shout.

Eloth recently revealed “The Skywind Project” along with some outstanding screenshots and video, showcasing the best looking Morrowind our eyes have beheld.

Good day to be alive, indeed.

Interested in joining the Skywind team? They are currently looking for fellow modders to help out with the massive project. To be a part of the team, head to the Skywind Development forum.


Skywind wandering around Ald’ruhn

Skywind to visit some Daedric ruins with no sound

The team is also planning on giving the same Skywind treatment to Oblivion, and already has a video the tour of the Imperial City:

Skywind The Imperial City

[nggallery id=863]

Do you like that top image? We do, too. So we are pleased to offer it to you in wallpaper form (1920×1080). You’re welcome:

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