Published on September 19th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

TGS 2012: New Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate ‘3DS Screens

Even with the news of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate being ready to launch as early as March 2013, the biggest noticeable win in the just released screens for the Nintendo 3DS version–are the screens themselves. When new screens for a handheld title come out, particularly for the ‘3DS, many are no bigger than the actual 3.53″ screen. Capcom, you’re doing it right.

Now, where were we?

The new screens are coming straight out of the Tokyo Game Show 2012. Fans are not only excited for the Monster Hunter series to break onto the Nintendo handheld, but the cross-platform play between the Wii U and ‘3DS is what really got people’s joysticks moving.

The game promises over 200 quests, which for any monster hunter, is a whole lot of slaying. The Nintendo Network will open up the online play for both consoles, but players can also link up over a LAN connection. From the resolution we can tell that the screens truly are from the Nintendo 3DS version. The game is starting to shape up as a darn good looking title, even for a handheld. Exploration and questing are what made Monster Hunter Tri such a success. Bringing the two platforms together seemed like a no brainer for the series to continue on its journey.

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is slated to release March 2013.

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