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Published on September 12th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

New Little King’s Story Confirmed for Launch in October

Today, Konami announced a launch date for their upcoming digital only title on the PlayStation Vita, New Little King’s Story. We are just shy of a month away from the confirmed October 2, 2012 launch in North and South America.

The real time strategy style game has players taking the role of 14-year-old King Corobo. In this adventure he must save the Kingdom from the clenches of the Devil King, “The Nightmare” and reclaim it for the people.

The artsy Japanese stylized game brings together action/adventure aspects and mixes those with the RTS genre. This compliments the newly hashed and reimagining of the first Little King’s Story, which released on the Nintendo Wii.

The new title will bring revitalized graphics to the PS Vita and promises “online functionality” which includes content, leaderboards, and co-op item sharing. The game also promises to make use of both front and back touch screens.

May you lead your Royal Guard to victory.

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