Published on September 9th, 2012 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Ubisoft Brings the Thunder to XBLA and PSN With Thunder Wolves

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Most Wanted
Release date: Q1 2013
Category: Action / Shooter
Platform: PSN, XBLA, PC
Rating: TBC (expected 16+ PEGI)

In Ubisoft’s recently announced action-packed flyer, players take on the role of a crack helicopter pilot within the notorious and professional combat squadron known as the Thunder Wolves. As a member of the squad, players will dive right into impossible scenarios and take on unbelievable odds in daredevil missions where the only goal is to annihilate everything in your path.

This game is all about the thrill of the hunt, and as a pilot of an elite chopper, players can run amok throughout the battlefield and rain chaos down upon your enemies with a barrage of missiles.

Key features of Thunder Wolves:

  • Establish Air Supremacy – Choose from 8 choppers with three different modes, each optimized for specific mission parameters:

o Recon: Stealthy to keep unseen from the enemy.
o Support: Bulletproof war-machine that can withstand heavy enemy fire.
o Attack: Specializes in total annihilation and destruction.

  • Your Helicopter Is Your Best Friend – Collect, enhance, and adapt your choppers to your specific play-style with a large array of offensive and defensive weaponry to become the ultimate hunter of the skies.
  • Push Your Senses to the Limits – In Thunder Wolves your dexterity, accuracy and nervous system will be severely tested with objectives like dropping elite commandos on a fast-moving train, protecting convoys carrying precious nuclear cargo, or manually control the course of a torpedo to destroy a menacing warship.
  • Two Missiles Are Better Than One – Team up with a friend to do even more damage and let chaos reign supreme as Co-Op adds a damage bonus to all players.

With impressive graphics, a unique power-up system where players can adapt their choppers to their own playing style, and the insane mayhem of combat, Thunder Wolves looks to be a great mix of volatile chaos and fun.

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