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Published on August 21st, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Track Your Survival Progress with Resident Evil.Net

Gamers have long been curious about how their skills stack up against others out there. Even playing earlier Resident Evil titles, my friends would grill each other on what grade and time us all received for completing the game.

With other games like Halo and Call of Duty offering platforms for your overall progression, Resident Evil will now provide a similar outlet free of charge. The service also comes to us with the news that it will be available on day one launch and has been confirmed.

Here is a breakdown as what you can expect from the service as outlined by the release:

    Comprehensive stat tracking

  • Enemies killed
  • Weapons used
  • Medals earned
  • +Many more to be announced

    Compare your game with those of friends and other Resident Evil 6 players around the world

  • Link your status with Twitter & Facebook
  • Share your latest achievements with friends
  • Receive alerts when your high score has been beaten
  • Free Smartphone App to launch alongside the service
    Will support iOS, Android and Windows devices

  • Earn RE.Net points just by connecting to the service or entering events
  • Exchange points for cool items including additional Mercenaries costumes or figures to place in your very own
    Resident Evil diorama

    Compete in regular organized events such as:

  • Join fellow gamers to defeat a set number of enemies
  • Aim for a high score in Mercenaries Mode
    Champion Belt events

  • Compete in these special events to win the ultimate accolade, the Champion’s Belt can only be held by one player at any time
  • Players will need to defend their title or watch it fall to another player

Get ready to blow the socks off some zombie heathens and have the data to back up your skills October 2, 2012. A PC release is set to follow the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 launch at a later date.

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